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Cv                                                        Scientific work

He graduated from the University of Athens in 1975.
He received the title of the orthopedic surgeon in 1980
From 1983-2014 he served in senior ranks in the Orthopaedic Department General Hospital of Nikaia Piraeus
In 2002 after the crisis took the direction of the Orthopaedic Department until 31.12.2014. offering his services to a large number of patients and wounded

PhD University of Athens

Member of Orthopaedic company Greece EECHOT

Member of the Orthopaedic Association of Northern Greece OTEMATH

Member in The American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons International Affiliate.

v. D. Coordinator / Director of the Orthopaedic Clinic of the General Hospital of Nikaia, Piraeus

Director of the  Orthopaedic Department in Athens Medical Group, Medical Peristeri. Research Associate, medical practitioner at Athens Medical Group in Maroussi and Psychiko

Surgeon of the legs by applying the most advanced surgical techniques in Arthroplastikes Hip & Knee.

 Specialist surgeon in treating pelvic and acetabular fractures with internationally recognized surgical experience. Associate of the center of reference for acetabular fractures-pelvis At University Leeds of UK run by the internationally renowned Professor Peter Giannoudis.

Monitoring jobs
A. Hip Center Wrightington Hospital 1980
B. Arthritic center 1981 Toronto Professor Cameron
C. Professor Letournel in Paris France 1982 and 1990 concerning the surgical treatment of pelvic - acetabular
D. Major international conferences.

Author of many scientific articles in journals in Greece and abroad (Injury, JBJS Br)


Participation as a speaker at numerous scientific events - conferences and roundtables.

 Organizing large number of Greek scientific conferences, workshops and round tables. Co-organized four international level conferences (International pelvic and acetabular fracture courses).